Breville Convection Oven: Facts and Features

Breville Convection OvenThe Breville convection oven is made by the Breville company. In 1932, this company was founded by Henry Norville and Bill O’Brien in Sydney, Australia. This company is the manufacturer of the original sandwich toaster. The product was very successful right from the beginning in the mid 1970’s. Breville sold over 400,000 units in just one year. Soon after, the company became a household name brand internationally.

During World War II, the company manufactured mine detectors and radios. After the war, the company focused on making small appliances for the home. The company started the Breville Kitchen product line in 1977, and now makes several different models of convection ovens.

Element IQ

Breville’s convection oven has completely changed how these ovens heat with their Element IQ. This patented element has a smart sensor which directs the heated forced air to areas of the food that require it. This sensor automatically detects if a specific area of the food is undercooked and will change the heat to that area. This feature makes certain that foods cook evenly.

Important Features

Because of its patented convection cooking technology, a Breville convection oven can cook thirty percent faster than ordinary ovens. Traditional ovens do not have forced heated air so cooking takes longer. Convection ovens made by Breville have special quartz heating elements that adjust accordingly so food gets cooked correctly without any hot or cold spots.

These ovens have nine distinct menu options that let users select the best settings for their food. These nine functions are preset with suggested settings, eliminating the uncertainty out of cooking. Each of these settings can be personalized according to different recipes, volumes of food, or individual preferences. Customized settings remain in the oven’s memory until changed or if the unit loses power.

Besides the dynamically distributing heat system, the oven can also change the power level of its different heating elements to produce more cooking flexibility. For instance, broiling calls for very high heat from the overhead element to brown foods, so Smart Ovens activate the fifteen hundred watt power for the top element. Alternatively, toast has to be evenly cooked on each side so the oven uses both radiated heat from the top and bottom to crisp the exterior quickly.

Materials and Construction

Breville convection ovens are constructed with very durable materials. Their ovens are housed in high-quality stainless steel. The heating elements are made with quartz, as opposed to the metal heating elements that are found in most toaster ovens today. Quartz reacts faster to heat changes, this results in better, even heating in the oven. The spacious interior has a non-stick coating which makes cleanup easier.

The Smart Oven includes three accessories: broil rack, baking pan, and a pizza pan. This Breville convection oven also has a crumb tray which is removable from the front. On top of that, the oven has a magnetic auto-eject rack that has small magnets inserted in the oven door sides that pull the rack halfway out of the oven once the door has been opened. This helps to remove food easier and prevents burns.

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