Commercial Convection Oven

Commercial Convection OvenCommercial convection ovens are a favorite with many chefs due to their fast, even cooking. Today, there are a number of different types on the market. It is very important to select the one that has all of the beneficial features that make cooking faster and easier. When selecting this type of oven, it is a good idea to read some reviews to get an idea of what other buyers think about the model. If cost is a factor, then consider buying a used oven because this is a great way to cut costs.

What to Consider

It is important to take into account the various kinds of foods that will be cooked in the oven and what size will be needed. Some ovens are very basic while others have many options that most cooks like. Various features can really affect the price of the oven. These ovens can be found at a wide variety of prices.

Prices can range from a couple thousand dollars to nearly $25,000. An expensive model can be nice to own, but it is important to have a budget. Before making any serious buying decisions think about how the oven will be used and how often.

These ovens are made in different configurations such as single deck or double-deck for various kitchen sizes. There also are countertop convection ovens that are ideal for smaller commercial kitchens. A commercial convection oven can either be gas or electric.

It is a good idea to buy an oven that has a really good resale value in case it has to be sold in the future. Proper maintenance is important for obtaining the best price and it will be easier to sell a convection oven that is in good condition. It is recommended that the oven be cleaned on a regular basis because this will keep it in good working order.

Another factor to keep in mind is the warranty. A commercial convection oven with a good warranty could save on repair costs, especially if the model is very expensive. It might be better to buy an oven from a reputable manufacturer with good reviews and a strong track record.


This type of oven is the workhorse of most commercial kitchens because they have a wide range of uses from reheating to baking and roasting. Besides traditional uses, these ovens are able to cook all kinds of ways and some can even take the place of a griddle or fryer.

Specific features like controls and settings should be carefully examined to make sure they work easily. The type of material the oven is made with is another important consideration because quality materials do make a difference. Some commercial ovens have special energy ratings because they are more energy efficient compared to regular models. These ovens can help save on energy bills.

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