GE Convection Oven: Features of Two Popular Models

Ge Convection OvenThe GE convection oven is a very reliable product that is made by the General Electric Company. This company has made quality home appliances since 1907. Contemporary styling, innovative technology, and durability are all important features that GE home appliances have today.

GE Convection Oven Model 168947

Convection technology is an innovative feature the company introduced in many of its wall-unit ovens and toaster ovens. The GE convection oven cooks food evenly and quickly because of its fan that circulates the heated air. One popular convection oven made by the company is the GE 168947. This convection oven has a stainless steel body that goes well with most kitchen decor. It is big enough to toast six slices of bread or bake a large casserole. It has many functions such as warming, baking, roasting, broiling and toasting.

It features a curved glass door and has an illuminated interior so cooks can keep an eye on the food while it is cooking. The back area has a curved shape and nine to twelve inch sized pizzas will easily fit inside the oven. There are three control knobs that are used for selecting the temperature setting, setting the cook function and setting the timer. The sixty minute timer will beep when the cook cycle is over and then automatically turn the oven off.

This model also has a rotisserie. This feature makes it easy to roast a chicken and there is a drip pan that makes clean-up a snap. There is also a removable crumb tray that collects food particles and slides out for easy cleaning. The interior of this convection oven has a non-stick coating which is easily cleaned with a damp sponge or cloth. The oven includes two adjustable racks, one broiler rack, two cookie sheets and a rotisserie rack/tray handle. This tabletop convection oven gets the job done quickly and cooks food such as pies, cakes, casseroles and steaks very evenly.

GE Convection Oven Model 169220

This GE convection oven makes it simple to cook all kinds of dishes. The unit also has a rotisserie that is great for roasting chicken faster. Foods get cooked without any hot or cold spots when cooked with the convection bake feature. There are other cook modes which include warm, toast, bake and broil. The oven is constructed with high-quality stainless steel that is very durable.

The oven has three shelf levels for positioning the food so it will cook correctly. This tabletop oven has a twenty-one liter capacity, and is large enough for baking a twelve inch pizza. A light turns on when the food is cooking and the glass door makes it easy to check on the food. The door comes with Cool Touch handles that stay cool even when the oven has been on for forty-five minutes or longer. The exterior does get hot and pot holders should always be used when removing food from the oven. This model has a one year limited warranty.

Product Features of the Model 169220

* Temperature controls from 150 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit
* 60-minute timer with auto-off
* Detachable crumb tray
* 1500 watts
* Weighs 20 pounds

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