Kitchenaid Convection Oven: Practical and Simple to Use

Kitchenaid Convection OvenThe American home appliance company, Kitchenaid, is owned by the Whirlpool Corporation. In 1919, the Kitchenaid company was founded by the Hobart Corporation to make stand mixers for the home. In 1949, the company introduced a new line of dishwashers. After that, they started making other appliances for the home. Now, Kitchenaid convection ovens are some of the most popular models on the market.

Convection ovens do not cook foods the same way as conventional electric or gas ovens. These types of ovens operate by circulating forced heated air around the food using a fan. The fan helps food cook evenly so it does not have any hot or cold spots. Food does cook faster in convection ovens because the air is constantly moving, unlike standard ovens. Kitchenaid makes a variety of convection oven models, such as wall mounted and countertop units.

Users of convection ovens will be able to get dinner cooked twenty-five percent faster than an ordinary oven. Most convection ovens by Kitchenaid feature four different cooking functions which include broil, bake, toast and warm. The temperature control settings range from warm to a high of 450°F. The convection bake feature works automatically when bake has been selected. There is a sixty minute cooking timer that sounds a bell when the food is done and then automatically turns the oven off.

The toast timer function control automatically turns the oven off after the toast is done. The Kitchenaid convection oven has both lower and upper cooking elements which provide more even heating. The oven has two removable racks that can be positioned in the lower, middle and upper slots. The oven door has a see-through glass window that is tempered for safety. The window has a metal frame around it and a durable stainless steel handle. The interior of the oven is non-stick for easy cleaning and there is also a removable crumb tray. The oven comes with a broiler rack and pan. Kitchenaid provides a one-year warranty for their convection ovens.

Tips for Cooking

Before cooking it is a good idea to preheat the oven. This helps to thoroughly cook the food at the preferred temperature. Use the appropriate pan size for the food. Shallow pans work best and so do cookie sheets. Casserole dishes and pans that have tall sides have tendency to unevenly cook the food because the air cannot circulate correctly throughout the dish. Shiny metal pans make food crisper because it reflects the heat. French fries and cookies turn out better when they are baked in shiny pans.

Decrease cooking temperatures by 20°F when using recipes that are meant for standard gas or electric ovens. Decrease the cooking time by approximately fifteen minutes. There is no need to change temperatures for most roasting recipes. Position the cooking dish in the Kitchenaid convection oven about one inch between the cooking dish and the oven’s walls. There needs to be sufficient room so the heated air can circulate around the food properly to ensure even cooking.

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