Microwave Convection Oven: Advantages and Benefits

Microwave Convection OvenIt does not have to be challenging to find the best microwave convection oven. Many people will find what they need after carrying out a bit of research and taking a couple of things into consideration. To begin with, these types of ovens may not be a substitute for the bigger, standard convection ovens. They are, however, a very convenient kitchen appliance for cooks that want to have a time-saving shortcut for preparing meals.

This type of convection oven generally cooks food quicker compared to most standard microwave ovens. They have the ability of roasting an entire chicken. Convection microwaves can be found in various types to suit almost any kitchen or cooking needs. The models that have more options, capacity, or capabilities tend to be more costly.

These days, a microwave oven is not just for warming up last night’s dinner leftovers. Most microwaves are more advanced in the way they can cook food rapidly. For a few cooks, these ovens have just about replaced the bigger, more standard oven or cooking range.

Many of them have become the main source for cooking a variety of foods from pizza and main dishes to a simple cup of hot chocolate. These ovens cook food quicker and more effectively because they distribute the heat more evenly, along with eliminating hot spots in the food. In contrast to regular microwave ovens, convection-style microwaves also provide the ability to brown food.

Different Types of Convection Ovens

A microwave convection oven can be found in several different types of configurations which include the built-in, countertop, drawer, over-the-range, and speedcook models. Countertop ovens are usually the least costly but they do take up more room on the counter. Over-the-range and built-in ovens are more convenient for a smaller kitchen that does do not have very much countertop space.

A drawer oven is usually installed at a lower level that is easy to reach. A speedcook microwave oven uses standard convection and microwave cooking techniques to cook a variety of foods at four times or even eight times faster. These ovens have the capability of roasting, broiling, browning, and grilling foods without having to preheat the oven before cooking. This oven can completely cook an entire chicken in twenty minutes while most standard ovens will take one hour or even more.

What To Consider

When it comes to any kind of appliance for the kitchen, cost can determine your decision and selecting a microwave convection oven is no different. Basic, compact convection microwaves are usually more affordable compared to models that are top-of-the-line. However, this may not always be true because some of the smaller and simpler convection microwave ovens can actually cost two hundred dollars or more.

A few of the bigger, more equipped ovens that have more options will range between a couple hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars. The majority of convection-style microwaves are very energy efficient, especially when they are compared to standard range ovens. This benefit could end up saving homeowners a good amount of money on overall energy costs in the long term.

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