Qualities of the Blodgett Convection Oven

Blodgett Convection OvenThe Blodgett Company is today’s top manufacturer of commercial ovens worldwide. Restaurants, hospitals, hotels, institutions, large corporations and even small businesses all depend on Blodgett for high quality products. This brand of ovens has been in great demand internationally ever since the late part of the 1800’s.

Burlington, Vermont has been the home for this company since it began. The founder, Gardner Blodgett, made his first oven for one of the local tavern owners. While the technology of food service appliances has changed over the years, the company remains committed to manufacturing high-quality products.

Blodgett ovens are well-known for providing many years of trouble-free operation. A Blodgett convection oven’s signature features include rigid framed insulation, complete angle-iron frame, double-sided porcelain compartment baking liner, easy-to-use controls, easy access and front entry to motors. The premier convection ovens come with a two year warranty for parts and a one year warranty for labor, along with a five year door warranty.

Blodgett has a comprehensive line of gas, electric, full, or half size convection ovens. All ovens are constructed with quality materials and are very durable. Basic models or fully loaded models that have many options are included in their line convection ovens.

Features and Qualities of the Premium Dual Flow Gas Convection Oven

This Blodgett convection oven has many features which include a 3/4 HP, two-speed convection motor with automated thermal overload protection, along with the dual flow gas system that combines indirect and direct heat. The gas convection oven has 0″ back and side clearance. The oven also has rigid framed insulation and a manual solid state control.

The black glass doors have one piece handles that are made with stainless steel. The inner glass of the doors opens for cleaning in between the glass panes. These ovens have selectable switch firing rates from 60,000 BTU’s – 80,000 BTU’s and an energy efficiency rating of 41%. They also have faster preheating and recovery times which provide consistent results. The gas can be shut off with the control button on the front panel.

Features and Qualities

These long lasting ovens have 11 kW wrap-around heating coil design for uniform heat distribution. The ovens come with manual solid state controls. This Blodgett convection oven glass doors are black and have stainless steel handles. The breaker for the shut down switch is on the front panel. These electric ovens have quicker preheating and recovery times for very uniform results.

Synergy Steam

This company also offers a complete line of steam equipment. Steam is one of the best ways to heat transfer when cooking. These products provide a cost-effective solution for small and large kitchens. Steam cooking is healthy because it decreases the loss of important nutrients while increasing moisture and flavor. Blodgett’s Synergy Steam product line includes steam kettles, pressure-less convection steamers and braising pans.

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