Selecting a Top Quality Countertop Convection Oven

Countertop Convection OvenCountertop convection ovens are very handy kitchen appliances for preparing meals. These types of ovens use fans for heat circulation which results in foods being evenly cooked. They also cook foods at lower temperatures which uses less electricity. Today, more people are discovering that meals cooked in convection ovens are more delicious, especially when compared to meals cooked in radiant ovens.

Many people like to use them to avoid heating up the entire kitchen like conventional ovens do, while others like them for cooking or heating up one item. These countertop ovens are ideal for small kitchens because some models do not take up much space.

Size and Shape

An important thing to consider when selecting one of these ovens is its shape and size. This selection can largely be determined by the place where were the unit needs to be situated. It is a good idea to measure the area where the oven will be put to make sure it will fit. Additionally, take into consideration not just the height, width, and depth, but the amount of room around the oven and above it too.

Important Features and Functions

All convection ovens are not made the same. A few standard models only have limited options, while some others may have a number of features that may or may not be needed. For instance, while the majority of these countertop ovens are capable of doing most jobs that a smaller standard oven can do, others may also have a rotisserie option. Some ovens are able to defrost and keep meals warm.

Many ovens have two racks, which makes it easy to cook a number of foods at one time. It is possible to buy a countertop convection oven for cooking pizzas, heating up frozen meals, or even roasting a turkey. Cookies can be baked on both racks and will cook evenly.

Look for ovens that have a twelve inch capacity or more for cooking pizzas, and a full-width crumb tray for easy clean-up. Most of these ovens have all of the cooking functions such as bake, convection bake, warm and broil. Many have non-stick interiors and a sixty minute timer that can be set to turn the oven off automatically after the food has been cooked.


Price is another factor to think about when selecting a new countertop convection oven. Prices for these countertop ovens usually start at about seventy-five dollars and can go up to the thousands for ones that are professional, restaurant-quality models. The price can be determined by the features and options included. The cost can also be determined by the manufacturer, especially if it is a top-quality name brand. Well-known brands have a tendency to be higher priced, while many lesser-known brands are generally more affordable.

Reliability, Research and Reviews

Another important consideration to keep in mind is reliability. In order to prevent any potential issues, be sure to take the time and effort to read various online reviews of any brands or models that might be bought. Stay away from reviews that are on the manufacturer’s website, because these will most likely be very biased. A little research and shopping around could yield some good savings.

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