The Best Convection Oven

Best Convection OvenA convection oven makes use of forced air that circulates heat uniformly throughout the inside of the oven to prevent uneven cooking. Even though these ovens had been popular in Europe for many years, the majority of homeowners in America did not have one until Jenn-Air started selling them in 1978. A great number of commercial restaurants depend on convection ovens to give their dishes improved flavor and more visual appeal. The forced air of these ovens reduces the overall cooking time. They also keep more moisture in roasted foods.

Considerations When Buying

When purchasing a convection oven one should take into account the cooking capacity. For people that prepare large meals, be sure the oven can support the size and weight of the food. Additionally, it is a good idea to measure the kitchen’s countertop area to make sure it is big enough for the oven’s size. Check for different options like interior lighting and digital controls. Many people feel more comfortable selecting a brand name convection oven for reliability.

It is important that the best convection oven has all of the needed functions. Models that have extra features or technology do cost more. For example, some models come with a rotisserie. This can be a really good alternative for making roasted chicken.

Rotisserie cooking rotates the food which cooks it more evenly and since the grease drips off it makes the meal healthier. When an oven has the rotisserie feature, it should come with a spit and fork. Many ovens have a recipe booklet included with some instructions that make it easy to get started.

The best convection oven should come with some extra cooking accessories. Search for a convection oven that has a broiler pan and extra baking rack because these pieces are typically used on a regular basis. An easy to remove crumb tray is another feature to consider. This makes cleaning the bottom of the oven easier.

Important Features

For quicker cooking times, select a convention oven that has a powerful wattage. Many people select a fifteen hundred watt oven and these are very sufficient for cooking various kinds of food. In addition, search for different control capabilities because this will make cooking easier and more efficient. A couple of helpful settings to search for consist of slow cook, defrost, broil and roast.

When selecting a digital convection oven, take a good look at the display. It should have a backlight because it will be easier to view in low lighting conditions. Plus, the keypad should be big enough and have simple button controls. Also, an oven that has a built-in timer is very handy.

Take into account the materials that have been used to make the oven. Stainless steel exteriors are durable and long-lasting. It is acceptable if a few parts are constructed with plastic and aluminum. It is recommended to look at the model in the store prior to making a purchase to make sure it has quality construction. The best convection oven should always have a non-stick interior because this will make cleaning easier.

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