What Is A Convection Oven?

Convection OvenInstead of letting hot air move at random, a convection oven circulates the heat evenly with internal fans. These ovens are typically higher priced compared to radiant ovens, but they do cook food quicker, and at lower temperatures. The results are often better too. Fans make sure the same temperature gets to all foods being cooked in the oven to ensure even cooking. These ovens are also known as European, turbo or fan ovens.

Uniform Cooking

Many cooks complain that radiant ovens often burn the bottom of the food being cooked or that the top of the food does not get browned evenly. This is due to temperature fluctuations occurring during the cooking time. This can be caused by how large the inside of the oven is, as well as what level the rack is positioned. Convection ovens correct this by utilizing a fan which blows the pre-heated air around the food and throughout the oven. Food cooks more evenly when air is blown around it and on it.

Cooking with these ovens usually requires a few adjustments, like determining new cooking times and also temperatures. Experimenting is the best way to learn how to use these ovens successfully. Most hardware and appliance stores sell these ovens and many are sold online as well.

Benefits of Convection Ovens

Since the heated air moves more effectively to cooking pans and food surfaces, cooking will take less time. The majority of recipes will usually be cooked in twenty-five percent less time and this saves on energy costs. Most of the time, the temperature has to be set slightly lower too. These kinds of oven also do a superior job of sealing juices in most types of meat and this makes them more moist and flavorful. Baked items, like pies, can be browned more evenly, even when they are placed on two different racks. Most pastries usually turn out better, too, since the heat does not fuse the butter and flour together, which makes it flakier. More food can be cooked because the heat will reach food on both racks. Many convection ovens have a broiler function which makes broiling meats simple and easy.

There are convection ovens that have three individual heating elements which are on the rear, top and bottom area. When the fan causes the heat to circulate, it does not make a difference if the food has been placed on the top or lower rack. Two pans of cookies, for instance, will be cooked evenly in a convection oven. Radiant ovens cannot distribute the heat evenly so sometimes cooking on both racks is not consistent.

Another appliance that consumers may want to consider is the combination microwave because it also cooks with convection heat. These ovens make browning food easier and faster. Purchasing a combination microwave can be more expensive, but these models are ideal when kitchen counter space is limited.

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