What Is a Halogen Convection Oven?

Halogen Convection OvenA halogen convection oven is a portable, tabletop oven which is much smaller in size compared to a regular-size convection oven. Convection ovens are frequently used for baking and roasting. Many convection ovens are not able to make food really crispy and brown. Halogen ovens offer the best of microwave and convection cooking.

How it Works

These types of convection ovens are regarded as very convenient for smaller kitchens. Their portable style additionally means they are a good travel accessory for individuals that enjoy cooking outdoors. They are very convenient to use at modern campsites that have water and electricity hook-ups. To understand how these halogen ovens work, it is very important to know how both convection and microwave ovens work.

Convection ovens use heat radiation which goes through metal that is ceramic-coated. Halogen ovens use halogen bulbs and infrared heat radiation to cook the food. Similar to a convection oven, a halogen oven may also be used to grill, bake, and roast food. Halogen ovens can also brown foods and this helps to keep more of the food’s natural juices. Many microwaves do not brown food or retain juices that well.

In contrast to convection ovens, halogen ovens work almost as fast as microwave ovens because they have a built-in fan that is high-powered. This fan prevents the food from being overcooked since it is designed to regulate temperature, as well as to automatically reduce the heat whenever required. Users of these ovens do not need to flip or turn food frequently since the built-in fan operates to make sure the inside circulating heat cooks the food perfectly. Using a halogen oven is regarded by many people to be one of the best and convenient methods for preparing meals.

Halogen convection ovens usually have a glass bowl that the food is placed in to cook. It lets users keep an eye on the food being cooked. Then the user can stop the oven manually when the food is finished cooking. This is one feature that convection ovens do not have because it is difficult to know when the food has actually finished cooking.

Many people when they first start using a convection oven are more prone to over cook until they learn how to use the oven. Windows in many convection ovens are usually tinted or there isn’t a light inside the unit which makes it almost impossible to know when the food is really done. Users have to use a timer or cooking thermometer to know when the food is cooked to the correct temperature.

Good Quality Features

Some things to look for when purchasing a halogen convection oven are the cooking methods available. Many people like a product that steams, broils, bakes, grills, roasts, barbeques and fries without oil. Stainless steel accessories such as a low rack, dual rack and tongs are another plus. Many people will look for a machine that comes with a detachable power cord, heat resistant clear glass bowl, self-cleaning modes and the capability to defrost.


Halogen convection ovens cook two to three times faster compared to standard ovens. They are very cost effective and can save up to sixty percent on energy costs. These ovens almost cook at microwave speeds with oven quality results. Lower fat cooking lets users cook without having to use too much fat or oil.

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